About Sarah Tursi, LCSW


Sarah Tursi is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the Commonwealth of Virginia. She was awarded her Master of Social Work from Smith College. Sarah provides therapy and short-term crisis counseling to adolescents, adults, couples, and families as well as crisis therapy for schools, businesses, and corporations. Sarah offers tailored, comprehensive therapy for patients through in-office sessions as well as via phone calls and on-site interventions.

International Experience

Sarah provided authorized therapy services for diplomats and their family members through a U.S. Embassy.


Sarah co-authored the best-selling InVitro Fertilization guide: IVF: The Wayward Stork.

Public Speaker

Sarah has spoken at numerous Fortune 500 companies from the board room to national conventions.

TV/Radio Personality

Sarah has been a guest on both talk radio and television.


24-hour Service

Weekend and Evening Appointments Available